Betting on the Future 95 percent of all products fail

Launching a new product is a bet. We bet time, we bet money. And if we’re successful we create something so powerful that our customers can no longer imagine living without it.

But it is a bet. If we’re not careful we might run out of time and money. Others might be faster than us, better than us.

So we have to identify the risks early on. We need to find ways to mitigate them.

We have to make sure we succeed.

Common Risks.


Are there enough potential customers and does the product solve a strong customer need?

Business Model

Is the business model viable in the long run? Do economies of scale work for or against us?


Are the processes efficient? Are qualified personnel doing tasks that could be automated?


Is the architecture sound, and does it scale?


Are local laws known and obeyed? Is user data properly protected?


How are markets and technologies evolving? Which disruptions loom on the horizon?

Risk Mitigation Identifying critical assumptions

Looking at all the risks we need to understand what’s most critical.

It makes sense, to start with the customers and their problems.

Have we validated, that our customer segments exist?

Have we validated, that they have the problem or need we think they do?

We use lean experiments to validate our assumptions.

Unsure where to start? Let us help.

Common Experiments

How to test your assumptions

Creating an experiment does not have to involve writing code. There are numerous ways of testing assumptions in a faster, cheaper way.

Customer Interviews

Speak with potential customers, observe their behaviors, and understand their needs.


Think of the service of a high-end hotel and deliver the value manually.

Landing Page

Create a landing page to preview your product and gauge user interest.


Design a rough sketch of your potential product to test its appeal.


Produce a video showcasing your not-yet-existing product. Dropbox started this way.

Fake Door

Add a non-functional button to your existing product to measure interest in a new feature.

Wizard of Oz

Design an attractive user interface while handling backend processes manually.


Content and information products can start as PDFs or newsletters

We support you in just the right way

We'll evaluate your current situation and suggest the most effective way of working together

Product Setup

In-depth product and process review. Establishing a customer-centric culture and an efficient and effective product development process.


Round-the-clock access and regular check-ins with you or members of your product team. Answering questions and providing feedback.


Crash courses on product management, experiment-driven design, and methods like Lean Startup, Jobs to be Done and Shape Up.

Hands-on Support

An extra pair of hands during a transformation project, the critical phase of a product launch or when a colleague is sick or on parental leave.

Industry Experience

Solving hard B2B problems

We get quickly up to speed in highly specialized industries and business-to-business areas such as:



Metals & Mining


Real Estate



Device Inspection

Corporate Procurement

Customer Service



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