Regardless on whether you need someone for a week, a month or a year, we provide a qualified:

Head of Product

Product Manager

Product Owner

Business Analyst

Project Manager

Market Analyst



Whatever reason.

New organization

Get your new venture off the ground fast with support in setting up a new department or function

One-time project

Staffing demand during a company merger or a compliance or transformation project

Product launch

Have someone keep the lights on while your team focuses on the big event


An unexpected illness, a sabbatical or a colleague on parental leave

How we work

A part of your team. For a while.

Quick start

We get up to speed fast, even in industries like pharmaceutical licensing or mining analytics


Your people and our people work as one big team, as if we've always been there with you

Additional expertise

We can quickly bring in qualified experts to build an MVP or plan a marketing campaign

Smooth transition

We plan the handover from the get-go, making sure your team can take over once we're gone

Need hands-on support? Let's talk.

Past Projects

How we have helped companies succeed

Product Management

Customer Development: Identified, approached and interviewed 40+ Indian mall operators, retailers and industry experts compiling a 65-page research report and facilitating the strategic decision regarding market entry.

Contracts: Created 10+ product service descriptions in close cooperation with the legal department.

Compliance: Led team of operations, customer service, legal and IT setting up organizational and technical measures to ensure data protection (GDPR) compliance avoiding shutdown or considerable fines.

Requirements Engineering: Analyzed the call scenarios of 3+ million cellphone customers before and during a migration and wrote specifications for the target system with an implementation budget of 2+ million Euro.

Organizational Productivity

Revenue: Optimized the release processes of a network operator minimizing release downtimes with revenue loss by 65 percent.

Customer Acquisition: Improved internal processes to lower customer acquisition time and cost.