We tailor each training to the specific needs of the participants. Some common topics are:


Lean Startup, Jobs to be Done, Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, …

Risk management

Uncover underlying assumptions and formulate hypotheses

Experiment setup

Create experiments to validate or invalidate your assumptions


Be creative and come up with new solutions


Figure out what to focus on next


Shape your vision and communicate it


Write specifications that can be understood, built and tested


Let product, IT and other departments work well together

Example: Validation workshop

In this full-day or half-day workshop you will learn the basics of hypothesis-driven development and apply them to your own projects:

Identify assumptions

Identify the assumptions underlying your business. What do you believe is true that might not be?

Assess the validation level

Assess the validation level of each assumption. How sure are you that it is true?

Estimate the risk

Identify the critical not yet validated assumptions and decide which ones to tackle first.

Go validate

Set up and run experiments using customer interviews, concierge MVPs or demo products.


Highly effective workshops

We don't learn by listening, we learn by applying new things to the problems we face. All our workshops share the same key characteristics

Proven content

We share the tools and techniques we are using on a daily basis

Up to date

Whenever possible we try to include new methods

Bite sized chunks

Instead of long presentations

Learning by doing

You will apply what you've learned in games and exercises

Bring your problems

Together we will come up with solutions using the techniques we've learned


After a week or two when you've had chance to incorporate your new knowledge

Wherever you are.

In the office

One or multiple days at your headquarters or in a branch office

On the road

As main or side activity during a corporate retreat or team building event

At school

During management, IT or business classes


Using the videoconferencing system of your choice

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