We help business-to-business product companies setting up:

Product development

Experiment-driven culture with a focus on close customer contact and rapid iterations

Software development

Using agile methods like Scrum, Kanban or Shape Up we optimize the time to feedback

Internal processes

Standardizing and automating annoying work so qualified personnel can focus on things that move the needle


We set up proven, easy-to-use tools for communication and knowledge management

Getting together.


We come to your headquarters or to a branch office


Using the videoconferencing system of your choice

How we work

A part of your team. For a time.

Quick start

We get up to speed fast, even in industries like pharmaceutical licensing or mining analytics


Your people and our people work as one big team, as if we've always been there with you

Additional expertise

We can quickly bring in qualified experts to build an MVP or plan a marketing campaign

Smooth transition

We plan the handover from the get-go, making sure your team can take over once we're gone

Want to get your product team to the next level? Let's talk.

Past Projects

How we have helped companies succeed

Product Management

Productization: Transformed a project to a product based organization defining standardized, combinable products out of the former project portfolio reducing complexity and decreasing the customer decision time from months to weeks/days.

Continuous Experimentation: Introduced a test-driven way of product development, running multiple experiments such as customer interviews, Concierge MVPs and landing pages per week.

Organizational Productivity

Goal Setting & Focus: Introduced Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) having the whole company rally behind one common goal, measured by clearly defined key results. Made sure the weekly alignment meetings focus on initiatives that move the needle.

Roles & Responsibilities: Defined Holacracy-inspired roles to clarify accountabilities inside the product team.

Product & Software Development: Introduced Shape up to cut feedback cycle time in half.

Tooling: Set up an easy to use knowledge and database system to speed up onboarding and daily operation.